Meet The Author—Jowan Smith

jowan smith


Jowan Smith is the Author of Zakari Goes to College and Grandma Hattie’s Ice Cream. As with her businesses, she uses her personal experiences to tell a story.

Jowan has a degree in Business Administration with a minor in Marketing. She worked in media for 15 years doing sales, public relations, voice overs, and event planning. She then went to work for Cuyahoga County for 5 years as an Caseworker. After becoming a finalist in the Accelerate competition she left her job to start Getting Our Babies to College 101. A year later she started her nonprofit 1,000 Ties for young men ages 10-17. Jowan also does voice acting work for corporate training videos and commercials.


Grandma Hattie teaches colors, numbers and so much more using ice cream. Each color has is connected to an amazing flavor as well. Count along with Aubrey as Grandma Hattie teaches her to count using scoops of ice cream.

Zakari Goes to College is about a young African American boy that goes on a road trip to visit a college with his Uncle and Grandmother. On this trip he gets to see what a campus looks like. The book shows Zakari enjoying himself but also feeling sad once he realizes his Uncle will be staying there. If you have never been on a college visit this will open your eyes to everything you should experience. This book is full of love showing the non traditional family having a wonderful day together.

Premieres July 14, 2021