Programs For Teens

Lakewood Public Library offers a wide range of quality programs for teens that provides them with a place to explore their interests, spark conversation and allow their creativity to flourish.

Dungeons & Dragons  featured image

Dungeons & Dragons

For Students in Seventh through Twelfth Grade Join us for a round of Dungeons & Dragons, a fantasy role-playing game in which you will develop your own heroic character in a collaborative story with other players to embark on various quests to slay monsters, explore dungeons, find treasure and vanquish evil. Beginners and veterans alike […] Read More

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Haiku and You

For Students in Sixth through Twelfth Grade Celebrate poetry month by learning the art of writing a haiku. A simple formula of seventeen syllables spread over three lines of text creates a beautiful piece of poetry, the meaning of which can be deep, even though the words are few. If you can count, you can write a […] Read More

Happily Ever Crafter  featured image

Happily Ever Crafter

For Students in Sixth through Twelfth Grade Inspired teens with a love of stories are invited to join us for an evening of creativity. Art and lore will combine as we create a cool craft project while discussing an interesting urban legend, folklore or fairy tale. Learn new techniques and make friends while we create […] Read More