Lakewood Public Cinema

See a film at Lakewood Public Library every Saturday evening at 6:00 p.m. These free events take place in the cozy confines of the Main Library Basement Auditorium on a digitally-projected big screen. Be sure to pick up a Film Calendar on your next visit. As always, the programs at Lakewood Public Library are free and open to the public.

Friday Film – Philadelphia (1993) Directed by Jonathan Demme

Fearing it would compromise his career, lawyer Andrew Beckett (Tom Hanks) hides his homosexuality and HIV status at a powerful Philadelphia law firm. His secret is exposed and he is fired. Beckett resolves to sue for discrimination with the help of the only willing advocate, Joe Miller (Denzel Washington), who also happens to be homophobic. […] Read More

Film – Boys Don’t Cry (1999) Directed by Kimberly Peirce

Based on true events, this is the story of transgender man Brandon Teena (Hilary Swank). After moving to a small Nebraska town, Brandon finally has everything he wants. He’s dating Lana (Chloë Sevigny), the popular girl and has a group of best friends that he fits in with quite well. Brandon’s life is dramatically torn […] Read More

Film Series ─ Before Night Falls (2000) Directed by Julian Schnabel

This film portrays the life of poet and novelist Reinaldo Arenas (Javier Bardem). He learns about himself artistically, while growing up in Cuba where homosexuality is frowned upon. Between his sexual orientation and his political writing he gets in trouble with the government. During his two years in prison, Arenas continues writing and even manages […] Read More

Film – Gas Food Lodging (1992)

In the boring New Mexico town of Laramie, Nora (Brooke Adams) is a truck-stop waitress living in a trailer park where she is raising her two teenaged daughters, Trudi (Ione Skye) and Shade (Fairuza Balk). Free-spirited Trudi is the opposite of Shade, who dreams about having a normal family. The film follows all three women […] Read More

Film Series — The Good Lie (2014) Directed by Philippe Falardeau

After their village is destroyed and their parents are killed by militia, Sudanese orphans Theo (Femi Oguns) and his siblings make the journey to a refugee camp in Kenya. Thirteen years later, the group gets the chance to settle in Kansas, where they are met by employment agency counselor, Carrie Davis (Reese Witherspoon). However, seeing […] Read More