Dealing With Disinformation in a Democracy

lwv misinformation event

Convened on October 17, 2023, Dealing With Disinformation in a Democracy was a Library program which addressed the important and serious issue of disinformation in a democratic society, and how citizens can discern and protect themselves from misinformation. Our panel was be moderated by Lee Jordan, and included:

Matthew Ahn
Visiting Professor
Cleveland State University
College of Law

Jennifer Cohen
Co-Founder & Co-Executive Director
Ohio Democracy Project

James Crawford
Lakewood Public Library

Meryl Johnson
Ohio State Board of Education Member
District 11

Lila Mills
Signal Cleveland

Please download and print these helpful guides:

The League of Women Voters, Ohio Facts First (PDF)

The Ohio Democracy Project, Anti Mis- and Disinformation Resources (PDF)

Misinformation: A Bibliography, created by the Lakewood Public Library. (PDF)