Meet The Author—Murder in the Cultural Gardens

dan hanson


“It just didn’t seem right to DJ. A body found bludgeoned to death in a place known for ‘Peace through Mutual Understanding.’ But there she was, crumpled behind a tribute to composer Franz Liszt in the Hungarian Cultural Garden.He pulled out his cell phone and dialed 911. “What is the nature of your emergency?” the dispatcher queried. With a suddenly very dry mouth DJ managed to get out, “There’s been a murder in the Cultural Gardens.”

So begins the mystery set in the beautiful (and real) one-of-a-kind Cleveland Cultural Gardens which consists of hundreds of acres in a park donated by John D. Rockefeller (yes, him). Each of the gardens in the chain is dedicated to a specific ethnic group/heritage. So there are cultural gardens for German, Irish, Polish, Italian, Indian, Syrian, Lebanese, Lithuanian, Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian, African-American, Russian, Chinese, Vietnamese and dozens more. Three young friends trying to establish their business become involved while working in their beloved Cultural Gardens. Many people seem to benefit from the murders and the three secretly work with the police to try and solve the murders. The plan is dangerous. Will it pay off for the modern Mod Squad or will there be another tragedy?


Murder in the Cultural Gardens is Dan’ Hanson’s debut into the world of fiction. Dan has both a bachelor’s of science and a master’s degree in Mathematics so writing a novel wasn’t really in the plan. But when he “discovered” the Cleveland Cultural Gardens he knew that a tale had to be told. Dan is already working on the next book in the series featuring the same trio of young crime solvers.

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