Meet The Author—Barbara K. Caravona

Barbara Caravona, Author


Barbara K. Caravona is a native Ohioan. She completed her bachelor’s degree in French and English at Baldwin Wallace University and continued her post-graduate work in secondary education at Kent State and Cleveland State. Barbara boasts two adult daughters and lives with her dog Myrtle in Rocky River, Ohio.


Myrtle is a beautiful but mischievous miniature dachshund that lives in The Pink Hotel with her mom, Mimi. Myrtle wishes she could go out adventuring, but there’s a pandemic, which keeps her trapped at home. She yearns to burst beyond her boundaries, so Myrtle goes on a long, exciting daydream.

She stops first in New York at Niagara Falls and rides a boat through the mist. She visits the longest cave in the whole world: Mammoth Cave in Kentucky. In Idaho, Myrtle takes a peek at the Snake River from the top of a canyon. Soon, though, Myrtle starts to miss Mimi and her home.

Lonely for her old and faithful mom, Myrtle visits the geyser “Old Faithful” in Wyoming, but she still feels blue. Myrtle comes to realize that it’s tons of fun being a guest somewhere, but she feels much safer and happier at home with the people she loves.

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