Meet The Author—Keith Allen

keith allen


Keith Allen (website) is a professional designer, illustrator and paper engineer from Cleveland Ohio with fifteen years professional experience in product design at the greeting card company, American Greetings. He ventured into self-publishing four years ago with the launch of a successful pop-up book that he created with two very talented family members titled  A Day in Rehoboth Beach, A Pop-Up Book. After tremendous online support, Keith turned to crowdfunding to fund and self-publish his second title What a Mess! A Pop-Up Misadventure. Keith was inspired by his two children to write, illustrate and paper-engineer What a Mess!, a story about two kids who don’t want to clean their room.


It’s no secret that most children do not like to pick-up after themselves. Packed with amazing paper pop-ups, this book sets out to promote personal responsibility by answering the question: “What would happen if we just didn’t clean-up?” The complex paper-engineering makes this book exciting for all ages and the hilarious story is perfect for both boys and girls ages 3-8.The misadventure unfolds when two siblings let their room become so out-of-control that it explodes from their doorway, sends them to the top of a toy mountain, spins them around in a dust-tornado, and much more.

– via the author’s website

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