Vietnamese Boat People Photographs by Les Bird

YouTube thumbnail for Les Bird presentation

The stories and experiences of the Vietnamese Boat People speak directly to a people’s boundless courage, shared hope, and remarkable resilience. These stories and experiences are timeless—they are relevant now more than ever.

The Lakewood Public Library honors the Vietnamese Boat People by allowing their stories to be told and their experiences to be shared.

Through an exhibition and related programs involving literature, poetry, film, the study of faith traditions, art, and photography, we examine the lives and important stories of Vietnamese refugees, and we celebrate a people’s history and culture.

In exploring and celebrating a people’s humanities, we humanize a people and promote empathy and understanding.

The Lakewood Public Library is honored to exhibit a selection of photographs of Vietnamese Boat People taken by Les Bird, a former Commander of the Royal Hong Kong Marine Police.

These photographs, which were previously exhibited at the Chinese University in Hong Kong in 2021, and at the Wende Museum in Los Angeles in 2023, both anchor and center this programming, Vietnamese Refugees: Stories of Courage, Hope and Resilience.