Virtual Author Event—Vacuum in Squares

suzy remer

Virtual Author Event
Vacuum in Squares
By Suzy Remer

About the Author

The author and her siblings grew up in a large home in a neighborhood where country clubs and maids were the norm. What would her friends think if they knew what life with her father was really like? As a young girl, Suzy hid these stories from her friends: the frustration and anger, the undiagnosed mental illness, the crazy stories involving dogs, high heels, and homelessness.

About the Book

Vacuum in Squares recounts Suzy’s life with a father who appeared normal and high functioning, yet behind closed doors was combative, abusive, and unloving. Sometimes sad, sometimes hilarious, this is a heartfelt account of her never-ending search for her father’s love and her refusal to fall victim to a man who was hell-bent on destroying his family.

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