Meet The Author—Ruth Hanford Morhard

ruth hanford morehard


Ruth Hanford Morhard was memorizing the batting and earned run averages of Major League baseball players and reading baseball books when most young girls were playing with dolls. A native of Connecticut, she grew up a rabid fan of the Boston Red Sox, changing her allegiance to the Cleveland Indians when she moved to Ohio, ever hopeful of a long-awaited World Series win!

Combining her love of baseball with another passion, writing, it seems natural that she would one day write a book about baseball. Mrs. Morhard and the Boys is that book—about a single mom who created the first boys’ baseball leagues in the depths of the Great Depression to help her son overcome the trauma of his early childhood. The book, published by Citadel Press in 2019, is available in hardcover, paperback, e-book, large print editions and is available online and at retail stores.

Career-wise, she’s been a senior executive with major philanthropic and arts institutions and currently serves as a consultant to national, regional and local institutions. Her work in early childhood education led to her practical nonfiction book, Wired to Move: Facts and Strategies for Nurturing Boys in Early Childhood Settings, published in 2013. She has a Certificate in Creative Nonfiction from Stanford University and a BA degree from Skidmore College.

She lives in Chardon, Ohio with her husband Al, son of Mrs. Morhard of the book title.


In this stirring biography of an unsung American heroine, Josephine Morhard’s daughter-in-law recounts the extraordinary life and accomplishments of a resilient, selfless, and determined woman. Her inspiring true story—a long time coming—is something to cheer for.

Premieres July 22, 2021