Books Illustrated by Kimberly Soderberg


Kim lives in Cleveland, Ohio with her husband and three children, who provide her with continuous inspiration. Her love of drawing started from early childhood. As a little girl, Kim would carry around a box with paper and pencils wherever she would go. She studied at the Columbus College of Art & Design where she received her bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, with an emphasis in Illustration. After graduation she joined the Society of Children’s Books for Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI), and dedicated herself to learning all there is to know about the art of children’s illustration. Since then she has worked with a number of clients including Scholastic Books, National Geographic, Creative Teaching Press, and Girl’s World Magazine.—via Google Books

Just Like Me is written for 2-5 year olds. This is a story about a little girl that discovers a friend that is just like her. Her shadow! They spend a fun filled day together outside on a sunny day.—via Google Books

In My Mask and Me, we learn that a mask can’t hide what Cohen feels inside. Learn about the power of your eyes.—via Google Books

And we discover in Smile With Me that Cohen has something with her that she can always share, her smile! Magic happens when you smile from your heart!—via Google Books

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