LakewoodAlive’s 2022 Knowing Your Home Workshop Series

2022 KYH Graphic

As a proud sponsor, Lakewood Public Library is happy to share this educational series with the Lakewood community.

About the Series

Your home is your most important investment.  There’s no better time than now to take proper care of it, and LakewoodAlive is here to help you every step of the way.

Knowing Your Home Educational Series is focused on sustainability and home maintenance best practices empowering homeowners to tackle necessary repairs and improvements. This series is designed to benefit a wide range of residents:

  • Those considering a home DIY project
  • Those planning to hire a contractor
  • Those simply interested in better understanding how their home works

These workshops will cover a wide range of topics designed to educate residents regarding improvements and best practices for their homes. The schedule for this year’s series is truly focused on working to bring century homes into contemporary times while working to preserve the amazing and historic aspects that makes them so special.

Knowing Your Home: How to Contract A Repair
April 7. 2022 | Register

Knowing Your Home: Managing Pests
April 21, 2022 | Register

Knowing Your Home: Shrubs and Perennials
April 30, 2022 | Register

Lakewood Tool Box: Tool Sale
May 1, 2022 | Register

Knowing Your Home: Benefits of Rain Gardens & Native Plants
May 5, 2022 | Register

Loving Lakewood: Let’s Make History 
May 21, 2022 | Register