Misidentified Historical Photographs. Presentation by Corey Recko

In late 2015, when the news broke that a rare photo of Old West gunfighter Billy the Kid had been unearthed, the world took notice. Countless outlets ran with the story and no less than National Geographic, who had helped bring the photo to the public in the first place, ran a documentary. However, there was one problem: Billy the Kid most likely wasn’t in the photo. Discover the truth behind that photo and several others like it, including one of President Abraham Lincoln, and famed Western gunman Doc Holliday, during this program. Corey Recko is the author of two nonfiction works, Murder on the White Sands: The Disappearance of Albert and Henry Fountain, which won the Wild West History Association’s award for the Best Book on Wild West History, and A Spy for the Union: The Life and Execution of Timothy Webster. As well as a murder mystery titled, Death of a Kootch Show Girl. Recko has also written articles on a variety of historical topics for magazines and historical journals.