Great Decisions in the Library – U.S. Global Engagement and the Military

Led by Dr. Karl Kaltenthaler. The global power balance is rapidly evolving, leaving the United States at a turning point with respect to its level of engagement and the role of its military. Some argue for an “America First” paradigm, while others call for a more assertive position overseas. Others advocate for a restoration of American multilateral leadership or a restrained U.S. role. How does the military function in today’s international order, and how might it be balanced with diplomatic and foreign assistance capabilities? After a brief video, Dr. Karl Kaltenthaler, Professor of Political Science at the University of Akron, will lead a discussion and help to answer some of the complex questions surrounding military intervention. Dr. Kaltenthaler’s research and teaching focuses on security policy, public opinion and political behavior, terrorism, counterterrorism, and xenophobia.