Film – Silverado (1985) Presented by Terry Meehan

This was another highly successful film which, along with Pale Rider, helped put an end to the decade’s Western drought. A loner named Emmett (Scott Glen) saves sweet-faced Paden (Kevin Kline) from death in the desert. The two of them then spring Paden’s brother, Jake (Kevin Costner) from jail. Joining up with the trio is Mal (Danny Glover), a black man who is out to avenge the death of his father. The four ride into the next town, Silverado, where they encounter a crooked sheriff (Brian Dennehy) and formidable saloon owner (Linda Hunt). Refreshingly, Kasdan sets his story at a time when the West was still young, when endless opportunities existed just beyond the setting sun. Terry Meehan concludes his series on Westerns of the 1980s, introducing each film with an original video, followed by audience reaction and a lively discussion.