Elementary Experiences: Tired? Silly? Overwhelmed? Move to Content!

For you and your seven to twelve year old child. Does your child seem bored or unmotivated? Does he or she act silly when they should be serious? When dealing with frustration, is a meltdown inevitable? Join Sarah Glass, MA, BCaBA, of Oh, Hi! Social Skills, as she teaches how to manage emotions using strategies such as the Zones of Regulation. Attendees will learn how to identify different emotional states and ways to self- regulate. Glass will use role plays, video clips and visuals to illustrate how behavior in specific zones affects others. These hands-on training programs are designed for families and their children who are struggling in an area of development. Families will learn targeted skills together and receive a handout with ideas and resources to use at home. Adults are expected to participate in the program with their children. Siblings may also attend but must register separately. For more information, visit connecting for kids.org/elementary.Registration is required. Register online at connectingforkids.org/register, email info@connectingforkids.org or call (440) 570-5908.