Jazz Clinic Series Led by Chris Vance

How would you like to be more involved with the performances? Would you like to hear from the musicians, get background on the songs and instruments and ask the questions during performances? This four part series will allow you to do all of those things and more. Chris Vance leads a series of concerts dealing with various specific topics in jazz. Each concert will consist of performances by a wide array of artists, a brief lecture dealing with the topic at hand, and a Q & A session where audience members can engage with the performers. Each guest artist will be drawn from the wide ranging local jazz community as well as local colleges. Example topics include the core elements of what makes jazz jazz, the influence of the blues, Latin, Brazilian and rock & roll in jazz, specific genres/time periods in the development of jazz and specific luminary jazz artists. This series will make the connection between our community, the regional jazz community and the academic jazz community- professional, hobbyists, and laymen alike.