About » Acceptable Use Policy: Computerized Technology, Electronic Library Services, OPLIN and Internet Resources


It is the policy of Lakewood Public Library to develop, as limited resources permit, collections, programs and services that make use of computerized technology and the Internet for educational and informational purposes in an environment that is secure and conducive to public use and in a manner that complies with Federal, State and Local law.


Lakewood Public Library complies with Ohio Revised Code Section 2907.31 "Disseminating Matter Harmful to Juveniles,” 2907.311 “Displaying Matter Harmful to Juveniles” and other provisions of the ORC.

Lakewood Public Library is a participant in The Ohio Public Information Network and complies with OPLIN policy on Public Use of OPLIN ( and OPLIN policy to control access to obscene and illegal materials as defined in the Ohio Revised Code.

Lakewood Public Library utilizes Cox Communications Business Services as its wireless Internet service provider. As part of our agreement with Cox Communications, use of the wireless services for any activity that violates, or constitutes an attempt to violate, any local, state, federal or international law, order or regulation, or to engage in tortious conduct, is a violation of this Policy. You may not use the Service to harm or attempt to harm a minor, including, but not limited to, by posting, possessing, disseminating, or transmitting material that is unlawful,including child pornography or obscene material or material that infringes on the copyright of another.

Violations of the Ohio Revised Code and OPLIN Policy are not permitted in Lakewood Public Library.

Illegal activity is prohibited in Lakewood Public Library and on Lakewood Public Library's networks, equipment and software.

Employees are authorized to bring to an individual’s attention any act which will detract from the decorum of the library or will create a hostile workplace in violation of state and federal civil rights laws.

In cases in which it is deemed necessary to enforce laws, police will be called for assistance.

Lakewood Public Library cooperates with police in the enforcement of laws, statutes and ordinances.

Video games are not permitted on public internet stations.